If You Have Just Lost Someone Your Love...  
Whether your loss was sudden or anticipated, you have a relatively short time in
which to make a number of important decisions about your loved one's funeral
or memorial service.  I am available to meet with you at your convenience at the
funeral home or another designated place.  

Please contact me by phone, (505)-573-2013 or by email,
info@funeralminister.com.  I am happy to answer any questions or discuss any
concerns that you might have about a funeral or memorial service for your loved
one.  My goal is to honor a life lived with a meaningful ceremony that is
respectful of the wishes of the family and the deceased.
Contact information
Reverend Marya O'Malley

Contact Reverend O'Malley
celebrating life, LLC
Phone: 505-573-2013
If You Are Pre-Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service...
I am available to help you plan your service.  If you have chosen a funeral
home, I will work along with you and your pre-planning director to create a
ceremony that is in keeping with your wishes whether it is traditional or
completely unique.  

Reverend Marya O'Malley